We’ve been offering Fibroblast skin tightening at GLOW for four years now, with our sister company Fibroblast Clinic, and are the UK’s first Fibroblast specialist.

Fibroblast is a highly versatile, non-surgical procedure that’s hugely effective in wrinkle smoothing and anti-ageing. Fibroblast’s Plasma Pen treats, repairs, lifts, regenerates and rejuvenates almost any area of the skin and spectacularly improves and brightens skin tone, laxity and texture, significantly tightens loose skin and reduces and plumps out lines and wrinkles.

Fibroblast requires zero surgery, is a non-invasive treatment and is highly effective at a remarkably lower cost to surgery. It can be used to treat:

  • Forehead lines
  • Upper and lower eyelid lifts
  • Crows feet
  • Frown lines
  • Stretch marks and scars
  • Acne scarring

Results last for up to three years and can last longer if you take care of your skin.

How does it work?

During the procedure, tiny plasma flashes are released from the plasma pen in a special five-dot pattern across the treatment area. The tool itself never touches the skin however the plasma flash creates a tiny dot upon the contact. This innovative technology uses a sublimation process to tighten skin tissue without causing damage to surrounding areas or deeper skin layers.

Effects are noticeable right away with full results visible after 2-4 weeks when the plasma dots have healed over.

Does it hurt?

Fibroblast is a non-surgical treatment with no pain and minimal discomfort. A numbing cream is applied before treatment, so the procedure itself is pain-free. Some clients can experience some mild tenderness – similar to mind sunburn – and redness as the plasma dots heal.

What happens after treatment?

You can carry on with your day as normal, however, it is very important to follow our after-care recommendations.

Are there any side effects?

Fibroblast is very safe, and side effects are rare. Tiny superficial dots which form directly on the skin are part of the normal healing process and usually disappear 5-7 days after treatment. Mild swelling is expected during the first 3 days and usually entirely gone by day 5.

How much does Fibroblast cost?

Prices vary because everyone is different and treatment plans are tailored for each client. However, as a guide only, Upper Eye Lift or lower eyes can come in at around £400/£450. Crows Feet or Smokers Lines are around £250.

Treatment areas are endless and a free consultation with no obligation is recommended.

Am I suitable for treatment?

This will be determined at the consultation, only Skin Type 1, 2 and 3 on the Fitzpatrick Scale are suitable and there are some medications and medical conditions that are contraindicated.

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